Success Stats

The average Gray Media Client makes their original investment back within 7-15 days. 

The average Gray Media client starts profiting $3,200+/week by their 8th week selling.

1 in 5 Gray Media Clients scale their store past the six figure mark by their 11th week. 

1 in 12 Gray Media Clients sell their store for a large profit within 32 weeks of launching. 

These Statistics are based off of the average Gray Media Client, who is willing to put time into advertising their store which can be done organically through almost any platform. 

We can not guarantee results for every client, but we do guarantee results to clients that put in a certain level of advertising efforts. Getting visitors is simple, we guarentee specific conversion rate percentages per niche and if your store does not follow those, we will build you a brand new dropshipping brand FREE of charge.