Kickstart Your Success

Let me personally build you your own custom branded business Shopify store or get you setup with a ready to go prebuilt dropshipping store loaded with winning products. Please use the chat function or text my personal number 864-901-1173 before purchasing so we can tailor to your exact needs.

What exactly do you get?

After purchasing our high end website development package, you will receive a custom built store tailored to your needs. We can go ahead and take the stress off your back by creating your brands logo,implementing a high converting theme, writing reviews, implementing a supplier integration, and completely finishing everything so your ready to start driving traffic to your new store.

  • Place Your Order

    We will begin the setup of your complete Shopify store with Winning Products, Reliable Suppliers, a Conversion Optimized Theme, Logo Design and much more.

  • We Deliver Your Store

    You will receive an email/text after your store is fully built, which will include the login details for your Shopify and Supplier accounts.

  • Start Selling!

    You’re now ready to start selling your products or services and start getting traffic! With our stores, you’ll have customer support if you have any questions! We’ve got your back!

"I Was Skeptical At First."

There is so much controversial information online about dropshipping, and I was still skeptical until my first sales started pouring in. Now just in 2 months, I’m about to scale with custom packaging and fast shipping from the supplier I was given.

“I Was Worried About How Much Time I Needed To Do This."

Running my own Shopify business sounded like a big deal at first, but I found out that there were just a few initial steps for me to make before having everything pretty much automated. I just want to thank the team for the incredible work they did. Could’ve never done it without you!

"I Was Studying Dropshipping For Awhile."..

After getting scammed by a few fake online gurus and their "get rich quick" schemes I finally decided to let GrayMedia build my site BOOM it was game-changing. Their team is so prepared and responsive, helping me out with everything. I bought the site a few months back and am so glad I did!

Frequently Asked Questions (For Beginners, Disregard if you already have a brand)